Welcome Back to EMBM!

Welcome back to École Monseigneur Blaise Morand! As you'll notice, your school website has undergone a significant change and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. We have switched our web authoring application from Blogger to Drupal; this change allows us greater control of the design of this site, plus a host of new capabilities which include:

  • basic and advanced searches of all website content
  • integration with Google Docs; authorized contributors' documents may be posted directly to the website.
  • the capacity to post Flash content on our school website
  • the ability to aggregate RSS feeds from other websites--including other Light of Christ websites
  • the ability to publish new types of entries, which in addition to the familiar web log ('blog) entry, include on-line books, stories, forums and more.

In all, the changeover from Blogger to Drupal will make it much easier for both teachers and students to contribute content to your school's website.

Have an excellent year!

David Weber
Technology Consultant
Light of Christ Catholic School Division #16


Hello, we are currently trying out new things with our new website.